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Have you seen that special man in your life staring for a long time at a luxury watch costing a couple of thousand dollars? Most men find that they are torn between the benefits of owning a famous brand watch and the amount of the price tag. It’s not an easy decision to buy a luxury watch.

As a gift

Since most men would not spend that much on something for themselves, that is why you need to buy a luxury watch for him as a special gift.


But first, what are the benefits exactly of an expensive brand name watch?

Beyond the sheer beauty of some luxury watches, there is one basic function that every watch must do very well and that is “keep the time.” They are great statements of class if you’re in the business field or want to make a statement with your colleagues.

Lower-priced watches

Watches that are lower-priced are mass-produced by laborers who are unskilled and often live and work in poorer countries. It is under these circumstances that “quality control” is almost unheard of. But with luxury watches, the companies have very skilled people who are behind the fine production of luxury watches. They are very crafty and very detailed.

Science of measuring time

Companies that are famous for watchmaking employ master “horologists” to assemble their luxury timepieces in facilities that are “state-of-the art” located usually in Switzerland which is famous for clock and watch making. The standard for this craftsmanship is remarkably high; an example is one company where their watches are so complex that normally it will take ten months for their basic models and ten years for extremely complex models, to be manufactured.

Top materials

This top level of quality is not only in the craftsmanship but also in the material used to make luxury watches. This ensures that the watch you buy for a very expensive gift will be one of the most reliable time-keeper a man will wear. And it will last for decades or even longer with only minor tune-ups needed every 5 years are so.

Cheaper watches

With a cheap and mass produced watch to even last 5 years is almost unheard of. But expensive watches then have special features added such as:

• Water-resistance – sports watches
• Aeronautical gauges – aviation watches

This makes the renowned dependability become all the more striking.

Investment value

There is a theory about the “investment value” of items such as stocks and bonds. If it goes up in value after purchase, the “investment value” is positive and that is what luxury and expensive watches do – that have a positive “investment value” meaning that they will go up in value the older this watch becomes.

Good Investments

There are two ways that luxury watches are good investments. In the functional way they will last the owner many years – a good value for the money. But most expensive watches also retain value over time because of the value of the materials that went into the watch such as:

• Precious metals used inside the watch
• Diamonds, silver, gold or other valuable substances on the outside of the watch

As each decade goes by, the more valuable that luxury watch will become.

Intrinsic value

It also will have an “intrinsic value” if this watch becomes a family heirloom that is passed down from generation to generation to the male members of the family. All the value of the watch when you add the seen value and the unseen value becomes the “intrinsic value” that this watch has for this family. In fact with most luxury watches the intrinsic value becomes “priceless”.


Brand name watches are prestigious and held in esteem on the watch market. They are also noticed in the social area where a lot of business takes place. A luxury watch can easily be recognized by those people who understand the value of fine things. Luxury watches look great when matched with:

• Business suits
• Tuxedoes
• Semi-formal wear for events that are more casual

These types of accessories also identify the wearer as a very successful man and that at times is the factor that can make or break a good deal for your special man. Such a watch, in a subtle way displays wealth but does so in a manner that is discreet enough to not be taken for who they really are.


Particularly those with ‘eagle-eyes’ are drawn often to accessories and such a watch shows that the wearer of such a time piece not only understands but also appreciates the finer things in life.


These are the benefits of spending your money to buy that man you love a very special gift of a luxury and expensive time-piece.

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