Jewelry Purchasing Guide and Tips


Purchasing Jewelry Guide & Tips

Jewelry is described as personal decorations, such as necklaces, rings, or bracelets, that are usually made from precious metals or that contain jewels.

Jewelry is small ornamental items that are worn for personal beautification, such as brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets and so on. Jewelry may be attached to the clothes or some people apply it directly to their body. The term jewelry is only used for long-lasting ornaments apart from flowers for instance. Metals which are often combined with jewels has been the usual material for making jewelry. Other materials such as other plant materials and shells can also be used. The biggest trends when it comes to jewelry often comes from Asia.

Many people put on various types of jewelry depending on their personal preference. Some people prefer to buy inexpensive jewelry while other set of people prefer putting on jewelry that are made of expensive metals and stones. It really just depends on their taste and how much money they are looking to spend. The commonly used pieces of jewelry include earrings, necklaces, brooches, pendants, rings, and bracelets; some other types of jewelry that are less common or that are not used often are toe rings and anklets. Earrings can be pierced or clip-on while others pieces of jewelry can fit into a more risky piercings, such as nasal piercings, navel rings, eyebrow rings, tongue rings, lip rings, or earrings that pierce through the ear cartilage. Piercings can be done in almost every location on your body.

What to consider when purchasing jewelry

It is very important to consider the types of metal that are being used to make jewelry before purchasing it. Many pieces of jewelry are made of gold, silver, platinum or titanium. Some of this metals can undergo oxidation reaction and leaves a consequential effect on the user. For those with body piercings, a surgical-grade stainless steel or titanium can be used to thwart the oxidation of the metal and a consequent infection. Sensitivity to metals is a common issue among both men and women.

There are also various types of gold that are used in making jewelry. A yellow gold is the most popular, and since pure gold is quite soft, it is commonly alloyed with base metals. The white gold with a silver appearance is mixed with some considerable amount of palladium and silver, while the rose gold has a pinkish appearance due to its mixture with copper.

All Jewelry that is made of white gold are usually coated with a metal that is similar to platinum in color known as rhodium, however, the rhodium fade off as times pass on the jewelry. In such case, it is advisable for people that own white gold jewelry to take it to a professional for re-plating at least once in a year.

What are some uses of Jewelry?

There are various reasons why people use jewelry; some use it as a mark of personal and social status; for example a wedding ring. Some use it to fix clothing or to keep their hair in place, while some other jewelry serves the purpose of information, for example a wrist watch. It is often used to signify some form of social, religious or cultural affiliation where as some cultures use it in form of amulets as a means of protection or to ward off evil. It can also be used as a sign or symbol of love, mourning, or other personal meaning. Some individuals will use jewelry just as a conversation piece while talking to others in the public. They may also want attention.

At some point in time, many cultures have had the practice of saving a huge amount of wealth in form of jewelry, this practice was very common in Egypt. Some cultures save wedding payments in form of jewelry. Jewelry has been used as a means of exchange for goods just as money is being used today.

Some cultures or tribes also use jewelry as a means of identification; for instance Israel, slaves are usually identified by the presence of jewelry at one or more part of the slave’s body. The jewelry is often attached to the nose of the slave.

Types of Jewelry

There are several pieces of jewelry you can find on the market that might seem difficult for you to select one out of them. Many of these jewelry are so attractive and irresistible, ranging from fine jewelry to clothing jewelry, necklace, bangles or bracelets, earrings wristwatches, unique pendants, classic earrings, celebrity-inspired jewelry, historical jewelry, hairpins, head jewelry, armlets, cuff links, slave bracelets, championship rings, engagement rings, breastplates, body piercing jewelry, anklets, prayer beads, rosary beads, military dog tags, emblems, and so on. The jewelry industry is so large and valuable that jewelry can be found everywhere.

Conclusively, jewelry is a useful ornament that does not only serve the purpose of body and clothing beautification, but also contribute its quota in the economy section of the world as a means of trading. The price for each jewelry varies from one to another according to the quality of the metal used in making the jewelry. A gold jewelry could be more expensive than a jewelry made of silver. And lastly, different people can both share the same style of jewelry whereas in most cases, people’s taste for fashion are different from one another. This is what determines the type and style of jewelry an individual will use.

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