Jewelry Birthday Gifts That Are Beautiful


Jewerly Birthday Gifts and Diamond Information

Are you looking for ideas for a piece of birthday jewelry that is beautiful? Most diamond jewelry websites will have a large selection of items and unique gifts for any birthday. Finding the birthday gift for you loved one can be difficult, however. Looking online can be great for research but you’ll most likely want to visit a physical store if you’re serious about seeing it in person.

Lots of Diamond Jewelry to Choose From

There are many jewelry pieces that are perfect for all occasions especially a birthday including:



Pendants make great gifts especially for an 18th birthday. And there are many to select from. Pendants feature:

•Precious metals

There are popular pendants that come in the shape of a heart or two hearts interlinked to each other making this the perfect birthday gift for a wife or loved one. But that is not all as there are pendants that are:

•Pear shaped

For a special birthday gift for those milestone birthdays such as 40 or 50 – black diamond pendants, or cluster diamond pendants are both good choices. Black diamonds are amazing pieces because they just have this special glow about them.

Black Diamond Pendants

Black diamonds make unique and fascinating jewelry pendants. These stones are also referred to as “carbonadoes” and are found in east Africa and Brazil and many believe that black diamonds were left when an asteroid struck millions of years in the past. They come in many sizes and do make beautiful gifts.

Cluster Diamond Pendants

These pendants feature many small stones set together in the pendant. This is a style of pendant that allows master-craftsmen to use slightly lower graded gems, while still producing sparkling and brilliant pieces of jewelry. When grouped together, the flaws in the diamonds are not noticeable but the grouping will give the necklace or pendant the illusion of much greater size. They have a lot of visual impact and are not very expensive.

Bracelet Birthday Gifts

There are a plethora of bracelets at all styles and cost. For a young woman, a bracelet with a single diamond in the center can be the perfect choice. But there are a lot of girls or women who don’t prefer bracelets as they do pendants or rings. Especially if they are into sports and will be taking their bracelet on and off and this means more chances for damage or loss. Jewelry bracelets are probably one of the most popular gifts choices. You don’t need to worry about her ring size for example and it would be easy to exchange if there was ever a problem.

Be Educated About Diamonds

Anytime you are shopping for diamond jewelry on the internet or in a “real” store, you should always be educated about diamonds. Prior to purchasing any diamond, you need to review a copy of its certificate as the proof that it has been through a professional and unbiased examination. Many stores have this available and don’t feel shy about asking. It’s just business and they should provide it with professionalism.

Expert Certificate Reports

A diamond certificate is also known as the:

•Diamond grading report
•Diamond dossier
•Diamond quality document

This document is created by a gemologist team. The diamond is appraised, and inspected using jeweler’s loupe, eyes of a trained professional, a microscope plus other tools. These trained professionals have years of experience working with diamonds and in the field of jewelry grading.

Don’t forget the 4 C’s of a Good Diamond

A completed certificate has a breakdown of the diamond’s 4 Cs:


Natural Colored Diamonds Can Make For The Perfect Gift

This is probably something that most people don’t know. Only one in about every 10,000 diamond has natural color and they are referred to as a colored diamond. Because of this, diamonds that are colored are purchased almost entirely for the distribution and strength of the color of the diamond. Jewelry made from a colored diamond is truly a beautiful birthday gift. There are a variety of colors which also correspond to specific birthday months. Be creative with your jewelry shopping. The more thought you put into the buying it and expression that will only make it even more cherished.

The intensity of color, the richness or deepness of color, are the most important concern when buying a colored diamond. The more intense the color, the rarer and more valuable these diamonds are.

Carat for Colored Diamonds

After the grade for color, carat weight has the most effect on the price for diamonds that are colored. Whenever diamonds are mined, very large gems can also be discovered but much less than small ones. This makes diamonds much more valuable. So, large colored diamonds will raise the price.

Cut of Colored Diamonds

Diamonds that are colored are usually cut in ways that emphasize the color. Colorless diamonds are cut to maximize brilliance or sparkle, but with a color diamond this would detract from the natural color of the diamond. While colored diamonds still has brilliance, color is the most important characteristic to consider when being cut.

It is very important before heading out to shop for any a special piece of jewelry for a birthday gift; you must become an educated buyer. Learn all you can before buying jewelry pieces as that is the only way that you can be sure you are getting what you paid for.

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