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My Fiancé and I, went to Jared Jewelers over the weekend to look for wedding bands. We decided to go because of all the advertising the do here in Seattle Washington on the radio. They are always on the radio here and I visited their website only to find some the finest jewelry around. I noticed they are in 36 states and their headquarters is in Akron Ohio. I found the sales staff onside very knowledgeable and friendly. She answered every question honestly. We have our big wedding day coming up and I was on the hunt for my perfect wedding ring. They had so many to choose from and glad I visited them first. I have to say we both were very pleased with the service of Jared Jewelers and we are seriously considering using them for our official wedding bands. They were honest with me and not over pushy. I can respect that in a company.

They had a pretty big collection of wedding bands at Jared Jewelers in Seattle. The store was very clean and like I said previously – very professional. We have a few final stops to make just to do our due diligence but I have to say we were extremely impress with Jared Jewelers so far. I have a few options to choose from now and depending on what I find, I may return to make my final purchase here.

Their store was extremely easy to find and parking wasn’t an issue at all. I would give them 5 stars if I had to rate them because they had a great selection, honest, and big selection of jewelry.

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