How To Wear Luxury Jewelry


Wearing Luxury Jewerly Elegantly

Each year, hundreds of people buy luxury jewelry for their mom, wife, husband, dad, or any other relatives. This type of gift makes an elegant statement, simply implying that you care for that person.  You may have been someone who has received a piece of jewelry or a complete set from someone as a gift – but how do you really know how to wear luxury jewelry. There are a few fashion trends you’ll want to pay attention to before putting on that glittering necklace. You want to wear fancy jewelry and capture attention but keep in mind – it’s not always good to be on the spot light. There is a proper time and place to wear your jewelry. Here are just a few tips on wearing your luxury jewelry.

Never wear your jewelry out on the streets or as casual wear. This is a big no-no and could even put you at risk. Especially, if you are traveling. You need to be aware that there are thieves spotting some areas for people with valuable items and they are mostly looking for rings, necklaces, and watches. These are the most common things that are taken from people during a typical day of crime.

Wear your luxury jewelry in a cohesive manner. This means you should match everything. Do not wear a red dress and put on a diamond sapphire necklace. Instead of wearing that one, pair the dress with your black diamond necklace or the silver one. Now you will match perfectly, instead of ruining your look. Also be sure to wear only two pieces if you are at a formal party. Wearing 3 or more pieces of jewelry will make you look too “sparkly” and this often only for wedding attire.  With a wedding you want to make sure it matches your dress and maybe your most high end piece of jewelry.  Many couples even rent jewelry on their wedding days because they are so high end.  It’s not for everyone but a lot of couples do just that on their big day.

Take in mind what event you are going to. You can wear large pieces of luxury jewelry but be careful what places you wear them to. A couple ideas where you could wear larger jewelry pieces  is at your wedding, on stage singing, or a formal party. If you just plan on going out to dinner – you should wear your smaller and more delicate types of jewelry instead.

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