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Diamond Ring by Helzberg

We have several important occasions coming up and are in the need of some diamonds.  Our first stop was Helzberg Diamonds.  We have several store locations here in Washington State.  They have stores in Tacoma, Tukwila, and Bellevue Washington.  I have to say after visiting their website the Helzberg diamonds look amazing!  Their website was very easy to navigate and locate/view all the diamonds available.  Each diamond just sparkles it’s like a girls best friends (diamonds).  It appears they have a promotion right now for free shipping on orders over $150 dollars.  It sure wouldn’t take very long to spend $150 dollars at Helzberg that is for sure. I told my future husband this may just be the place where we get our jewelry and rings for our wedding.

We have several more stores to look at but this place (Helzberg Diamonds in Bellevue, Washington) was really nice.  Bellevue is consider a more rich neighborhood so I bet Helzberg does pretty well there.  They also offer personalized jewelry if you need something more personal for you or your family.  With Mothers day coming up the Helzberg Diamond website is full of Mothers Day jewelry so check that out also.

The sales staff was great and didn’t push us into anything we didn’t want to look at. We were just comparison shopping for wedding bands and wanted to see what they had in stock and available. They had a lot to choose from and I will certainly return. They have rings, necklaces, wedding bands, and so much more. Oh and I almost forgot about the diamond earrings. They were amazing and they light hit them just right so they sparkled through the glass.

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