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Nothing makes a better gift for a special anniversary or a special birthday than a piece of vintage diamond jewelry. They are timeless and have a long history. I know when I see vintage piece of jewelry I start to think about who wore this or about how old it truly is. Timeless jewelry that has a vintage feel is making a comeback in my opinion.

You can spot a vintage piece of jewelry immediately whether it is a diamond ring or necklace. There is something that just pops from the diamond when a person is wearing a vintage piece of jewelry. A really great gift is something that has been in the family for generations which makes it unique and an heirloom that is treasured.

Special Occasions

A vintage diamond jewelry piece that has been in a family for many years is the perfect item for a daughter’s 18th or 21st birthday. It can be that statement piece that she can use to start her own collection of diamond jewelry. Vintage diamonds that are very old usually are master-craftsman pieces and whether set in gold or silver will catch the eye of anyone who sees it.

No Heirloom Jewelry Available

If there is not a diamond jewelry piece that is a family heirloom, there are other ways to find truly beautiful diamond antiques. Often some of the most alluring pieces come from Edwardian or Victorian England. I love finding these special pieces at garage sales and swap meets around town. They can often be found for a great value at those locations.

Jewelry Stores Online

Most jewelry stores online will usually have a collection of estate jewelry and this is where the hunt for that special antique gift can begin. But make certain it is a well-known jewelry store; it is quite easy to get taken with online sites that you have never heard of. When spending this amount of money for a vintage piece of jewelry, it is important that you are getting what you paid for.

Guarantee & History

Most well-known jewelry stores will offer a guarantee and will also know all the details behind the item – who owned it down through the years. The great thing about selling vintage jewelry is that they have great emotional stories. This is what adds to the gifts beauty – the history behind it. Some jewelry can have a history that is quite wonderful. They make a great story in social settings as well.

Looking At Small Town Estate Sales

If you live in a small town and someone who is very rich dies, the estate sales are also where you can find a bargain in estate sale jewelry. These sales are not to make a lot of money but to just get rid of the decease’s vintage items. The items they want to keep in their family will already be gone and there are some nice bargains left.

Four C’s of Antique Diamonds

When searching for antique diamonds it is important that you know something about diamonds. Each diamond is very unique and is a phenomenon of place, time and change. It is these qualities that will establish part of its value. It was the middle of the 20th century before there were any standards that was agreed-upon to judge diamonds by. Then the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) created the very first and globally accepted standard for judging diamonds:

•Carat Weight

These are known as the 4C’s of diamond quality and is the universal accepted method for evaluating the quality of diamonds – anywhere in the world.

Diamond color

Evaluating the diamond color is actually evaluating no color since a pure and structurally perfect diamond has no hue. The color is graded D-to-Z measuring the degree of colorlessness by matching the stone under lighting that is controlled and other exact conditions for viewing, with ‘masterstones’ that are established color value.

Diamond Cut

Diamonds are known for their ability to transmit light and sparkle intensely. Often cut is thought of as a diamond’s shape (heart, round, oval, marquise, pear) but this is not what cut is. A diamond’s cut grade is actually about how well each facet of the diamond has been cut and interacts with light. Artistry has to be precise as how the tone is fashioned in:


This is what causes the magnificent return of the light that is only possible in a diamond.

Diamond Clarity

This is grading any faults on the inside called ‘inclusions’ and externally called ‘blemishes’. There is a flaw scale that grades this clarity.

Diamond Carat

The weight by carat is the size or weight of the vintage diamond. In metric terms a “carat” is defined as 200 milligrams.

These are the four things you need to know about before going shopping for that antique diamond jewelry piece. There is of course much more and you can search Google and learn a lot more about diamonds and how to select the perfect one for a gift. Vintage jewelry really are great pieces to own for you and your family. They are timeless pieces that can be passed down to your Grand Daughters and Grandsons. These pieces are the things generations remember for years to come.

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