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One of the biggest challenges in getting married is finding that perfect engagement ring. It needs to be beautiful and of course priced right. You have to feel like it’s the perfect ring for your partner and something you feel good about as well. It’s really not a easy decision. What if she doesn’t like it? What if the engagement doesn’t work out and you wasted all that money? There are so many questions and decision you have to make.

It is that time and your boyfriend wants to take you shopping for an engagement ring. You jump in the car and start making the rounds to the all the jewelry stores in the area. It is going to be a long day and most likely a very long weekend of planning to find that perfect engagement ring. The time is now and it all starts with your dreams.

Dreaming Of The Perfect Engagement Ring

You have dreamed about this moment your entire life or for as long as you can remember at least. You may have played house with the neighbor kids and built this moment up for a long time. Getting engaged or married is something you truly dream for a lot of people. This dream is becoming a reality. But you have no idea what you want in an engagement ring. You start researching types of rings, carats, and clarity. At this point, you are both thinking that you could probably find a wider variety of engagement rings on the Internet. Before you go Internet shopping, however, you need to know as much as possible about diamond rings.

Shopping On The Internet Will Save You Time & Energy

Since you might be buying on the internet, you want to be certain that you order the exact size of your ring. Most of the websites will have a way for you to determine your finger size. You can go to a ‘brick and mortar’ store and get them to measure your ring finger for you as well. The great thing about the Internet is that you can do a lot of research in a short amount of time. The vast amount of information is staggering.

Learn More About Diamonds

Before you go ring shopping, you need to learn as much as you can about diamond rings. This is important as you want to get the most value for your money. There are many online websites that specialize in engagement rings. Before you buy, you need to research the store that you are buying from and make certain they are a reputable jewelry store. Read their reviews and compare their prices. Look into their company history. Do they sell unique engagement rings or are you going to buy the same ring everyone else wants. Try to find a company that really understands the value in clarity and one-of-a kind diamonds.

Rough Stones To Beautiful Diamonds

When diamonds are found in the ground or caves, they are unrefined and rough. It takes hours for the cutting and polishing to turn these rough diamonds into the beautiful and unique stones that we find in diamond rings. Try to learn more about the process the jewelry store goes through to create a diamond ring. Do they just buy wholesale in bulk and list them for retail or do they honestly take the time and make each piece.

The Engagement Ring Diamond Cutting Process

Diamond cutting is the process of changing a diamond from the rough stone to a faceted gem. Not just anyone can be a diamond cutter – and because it is extremely difficult, diamond cutters need to have specialized knowledge, equipment and tools as well as good techniques. When talking about cut, there are 2 elements. One is the shape such as:


2nd is related to the specific cut within the shape and the quality and price will greatly vary based on the quality of the cut. This can be a complicated process but having a general idea of the process and knowing how this can influence its value is important before buying that perfect ring.

Process Of Diamond Cutting

The process of diamond cutting has several steps – these include:

•Cleaving or sawing
•Final inspection

Cleaving or Sawing a Diamond

This is the separating of a rough diamond into distinct pieces, in order to finish as single gems. One very large diamond can be sawed using a diamond laser into many separate diamonds. Always take the time and really look at your diamond to evaluate its cut.

Bruting Process

Bruting is the process where two diamonds are set onto axles spinning or turning in opposite direction, and then set to grind up against each other to shape each diamond into a round shape. This is also referred to as girdling.

Polishing The Diamond

This is where the diamond will be cut into facets and the final polishing is done. This is the step that gives any diamond its unique sparkle that is brilliant and is what diamonds are known for. Every diamond ring you look will be nicely polished obviously but review this element and the others mentioned above. Each should have a clean cut, nice clarity, and mounted in a stable foundation. The last thing you need is to have your diamond fall out due to flimsy mounting by the jewelry store.

Final Inspection

This is the final stage of diamond cutting and involves a complete cleaning of the diamond in acids and examining the diamond to see if it meets the quality standards of the manufacturer. As the customer, you should feel confident in all these elements when buying your engagement ring.

Grading The Cut Of The Diamond

To determine the cut grade of a standard round diamond, (shape that rules the majority of diamond jewelry), the GIA design is made by the quantity of facets that effect the diamond’s appearance when face-up. These facets allow for the GIA to evaluate how successfully a diamond relates to the light to create visual effects such as:

•Fire: scatting of white light into all colors
•Brightness: external and internal white light
•Scintillation: amount of sparkle that the diamond produces as well as the pattern of dark and light areas caused by the reflections within the diamond

The diamond cut grade will also take into consideration the design as well as the craftsmanship of the diamond including:

•Weight relative to diameter
•Its girdle thickness
•Symmetry of its facet arrangement
•Quality of polish on those facets

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into pricing any diamond for sale on the open market. We understand you are just looking for a ring for your engagement but knowing the process will ultimately get the best diamond for the best price.

Cut Scale of a Diamond

The cut scale goes from Excellent to Poor. In order to know that you are getting a diamond that is priced correctly, you need to know all of this about the diamond or diamonds set into a diamond engagement ring. If this is your first time looking at a diamond, make sure to ask rebuttable jewelry professional for their opinion.

We all want to find that perfect engagement ring for our partner. We hope this information is valuable in your search and or future needs.

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