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Dr. Robi Ludwig Jewelry

Dr. Robi Ludwig has a doctorate in psychology (Psy.D) from California Southern University. Her strong academic background made her a professional psychotherapist, whereas her Bachelor’s in Mass communication gave her name and fame in the media. And, that’s why she is a nationally renowned reporter as well, but how did her name get associated with a jewelry line? The answer to this is very memorable.  Ever since she was a small child she would eagerly look into the jewelry box of her grandmother.  Jewelry has always been in her heart and something she has always wanted to create.  This childhood dream gave birth to all the creative jewelry designs by Dr. Robi Ludwig.  Her new jewelry company goes by the name Vise Mari.

The fashion industry is driven by the power of creativity, uniqueness, and diversification. A designer, who never molds herself according to the rapidly changing trends, is often left behind. The same is the case with a jewelry line. This industry moves fast and you have to be on your game.  You need to study trends and the collections of others for a competitive edge.  The collection of Dr. Robi Ludwig is so popular because it has a blend of her professional education and her love for jewelry. The best example for this is the cloud necklace designed for QVC, which inculcates hope and the ability to think of your life in a broad spectrum. The cloud necklace from her line is one of her favorites.  In addition to this, she has also partnered with ShopNBC to launch a collection, which conveys some very constructive and spiritual messages through ancient symbols.

This is really very interesting, because on one hand, she is contributing to the fashion world, while at the other; she is associating people with their spiritual beings. This is what we call true professionalism, where she isn’t detaching psychotherapeutic effects of symbols from the designs of jewelry. As you know her current collection is named Vise Mari, which literally means dreaming big.  This is yet another mind boggling idea of adding a motivational message in her designs. This collection suits relatively sober costumes, which were worn in 60’s and 70’s. Giving an ancient touch to necklaces and pendants is always favored by women, but this one is backed with a positive message and a bold background. I know, personally, that I love jewelry that uses symbols and meanings.  Anything that has another meaning to you attached it is something I really look for when I go shopping.  It also makes for great conversation when someone asks about it while I have it on.

The Vise Mari jewelry line is pretty amazing and something you must see.  It’s fashionable, luxurious, and all are very creative pieces.

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