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Before you go anniversary jewelry shopping there are a few little things that you must be educated on, to be sure you are getting a good value for your money. This is important and whenever you are shopping online, you do your research one the diamonds you are going to be spending your hard earned money on. Anniversary jewelry can be some of the most difficult jewelry to buy because it has to be perfect. It’s your perfect day and you want to make sure you have the perfect piece of Jewelry he or she is going to love forever. It should also represent something about each of you.

Years of Being Married

Most people will tell you that the more years of being married, the bigger or more expensive the piece of jewelry should be. You should also buy a piece of jewelry that will match other pieces of jewelry she already has in her jewelry collection. Also, most women will tell you that they do not own enough diamond earrings since earrings are always worn especially by women who has pierced ears.

How About Stud Earrings?

You can never go wrong with buying stud earrings for an anniversary as the only thing you will need to decide on is the size or carat weight. If it is a milestone anniversary then you should get a bigger diamond as these are perfect for a woman you have been married to for 30, 40 or 50 years. These decade anniversaries are the ones that a woman might want to have a big celebration for – so large stud earrings will be perfect for noting the years you have shared memories together and will also tell her you look forward to many more years with her. The important thing is that you tell her why you decided to pick that piece of jewelry and how much you truly care about her. It’s not always about the size or carat for the other party – it’s about showing how much you love them on you special day.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Pearls Earrings

Pearl earrings that are circled in diamonds also make beautiful anniversary gifts – combining pearls with diamonds is very special and every wife would be thrilled if you bought her a beautiful jewelry piece that has combined diamonds and pearls. A lot of women either love pearls or hate pearls so try to feel her out. Maybe you can gauge her interest before purchasing.

Colored Diamonds

A colored diamond is very unique and not many women have jewelry that is made using colored diamonds. Yes, there are colored diamonds. Often caused by chemical impurities or defects in the structure, the intensity and hue of the color could be a defect or a value. Most white diamonds that have a yellow hue will be a bargain. But diamonds that are intensely blue or pink are very valuable. Of all colored diamonds, the red diamonds are the rarest so are the most expensive. Colored diamonds also are expensive because they are only found in one of every 10,000 diamonds. So a piece of jewelry made with a colored diamond can be a very special gift. You can easily go with the earrings or as a simple elegant pendant. Be sure to tell her the story of why you picked the color and the rarity of it.

Do Your Research On The Company

If you are making a large investment into this diamond gift for your anniversary and you are buying jewelry from a store that is online, you need to research several things such as:

•Reputation – do they have a good name
•BBB – are there any complaints
•Check their social media sites

First, just do a Google search on your browser and if they don’t have a good name, it will not take you long to know if customers are unhappy with them. There are a lot of horrible stories, reviews, and experiences with jewelry stores to do you research first before making that special purchase.

Check Their Better Business Bureau

Checking on the Better Business Bureau is another place to visit online. If any customer is really unhappy they will more than likely have filed a complaint with the BBB and if they do, just go to another website to buy your jewelry.

Social Media Websites

Most every company will have a Facebook page and if there are any unhappy customers they will have it all over Facebook especially if they have been cheated on an expensive piece of diamond jewelry. So, it is well worth the time to find their Facebook page.

Jewelry Store Reviews

Almost every business online will have some reviews of their company written by former customers on their website. If they do, but have no way for you to contact this customer – that is a big red flag. There are businesses that hire people to make up fake reviews. Usually fake reviews will have no information on how to contact the customer. If they do have a customer email or phone number, pick out one or two to email and see how happy they were overall with the business.

If you want to learn more about diamonds, it is easy to get a diamond buying guide at most any jewelry website. But no matter where you get your knowledge, knowing more about jewelry will save you from not getting the best value for your money. Your anniversary gift is an important buying decision so choose wisely.

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