Jewelry Purchasing Guide and Tips

Jewelry is described as personal decorations, such as necklaces, rings, or bracelets, that are usually made from precious metals or that contain jewels. Jewelry is small ornamental items that are worn for personal beautification, such as brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets and so on. Jewelry may be attached to the clothes or some … [Read more...]

Importance Of Jewelry For Women

Every woman will agree with us on the fact that they all like to dress up on special occasions and even if it is not a special occasion, dressing up is something that they love and would do whenever they have an opportunity. Putting on a nice piece of jewelry, high hills, and new dress makes a women feel beautiful. Every outfit needs to be … [Read more...]

Dr. Robi Ludwig Jewelry – Vise Mari

Dr. Robi Ludwig has a doctorate in psychology (Psy.D) from California Southern University. Her strong academic background made her a professional psychotherapist, whereas her Bachelor’s in Mass communication gave her name and fame in the media. And, that’s why she is a nationally renowned reporter as well, but how did her name get associated with a … [Read more...]

Picking A Luxury Diamond Ring For Your Wedding Day

When it comes to having your wedding, the luxury diamond rings are probably the most important factor. This is because the rings signify your love and will be worn forever. You can easily find specialty stores in the mall or other places which concentrate solely on luxury jewelry for your big day. It is common for the bride to wear a full 3 piece … [Read more...]

Jared Jewelers – Home Of Fine Jewelry

My Fiance and I, went to Jared Jewelers over the weekend to look for wedding bands. We decided to go because of all the advertising the do here in Seattle Washington on the radio. They are always on the radio here and I visited their website only to find some the finest jewelry around. I noticed they are in 36 states and their headquarters is in … [Read more...]

Luxury Jewelry

Fortunately, nowadays even one of the most clueless shoppers can nevertheless select fine luxury jewelry if they the easy guidelines and take a couple shortcuts. 1 of these shortcuts consists of getting the guesswork out of matching your diamond jewelry. Frequently on certain occasions, ladies fret if whether or not all of their luxury jewelry go … [Read more...]

Benefits of Timeless Necklace Jewelry

Purchasing necklace jewelry which has genuine timeless design and sophistication could be hard, particularly if you’re very choosy with your selection of jewelry Thankfully, you will find now some excellent timeless jewelry on the internet jewelry that provide the kind of high quality you’d previously have if you only discovered them within the … [Read more...]

How to find Luxury Jewelry & Rings

Every woman wants to look spectacular during special events or formal parties. Today, our society consists of individuals wearing the latest jewelry. With recent fashion trends, you simply can’t go wrong with diamonds. It is easy to pick out a quality diamond necklace these days because each is beatiful in it’s own way. Imagine the sparkling … [Read more...]

How To Wear Luxury Jewelry

Each year, hundreds of people buy luxury jewelry for their mom, wife, husband, dad, or any other relatives. This type of gift makes an elegant statement, simply implying that you care for that person.  You may have been someone who has received a piece of jewelry or a complete set from someone as a gift – but how do you really know how to wear … [Read more...]

Helzberg Diamonds & Necklaces

We have several important occasions coming up and are in the need of some diamonds.  Our first stop was Helzberg Diamonds.  We have several store locations here in Washington State.  They have stores in Tacoma, Tukwila, and Bellevue Washington.  I have to say after visiting their website the Helzberg diamonds look amazing!  Their website was very … [Read more...]